Yoga Class
CB Pilates was started in 2004 by Catheryn Burdett. We have classes in Buckhurst Hill, Loughton, Chigwell, and South Woodford, with 9 mat-work group classes every week. In 2016, Mark came on board as a matwork teacher. Our goal is to pass on the same quality and dedication to teaching the Pilates method that we have experienced. Class levels range from Beginner - Advanced plus Mixed Ability. We will help you choose the best class for you, whether you have done Pilates before or are a novice. From September until July, classes are booked in courses/blocks, and between late July and August we have a flexible booking system to work around school holidays. Students supply their own equipment. Contact us to find out more or to book your place.
Pilates is named after its founder, Joseph Pilates, who started developing his method in the 1900's, eventually opening  an exercise studio with his wife Clara after moving to NYC in the 1920's. Joe and Clara taught many prominent dancers and choreographers as their work became widely sought after. The Pilates method has been passed down by Joe's proteges, among them Eve Gentry, Kathy Grant, Romana Kryzanowska, Ron Fletcher, Carola Trier, who have passed down the work over the years. Pilates was brought to the UK in the 1970's by Alan Herdman. It's still popular today with dancers and athletes, but is also practiced by millions of people worldwide who enjoy the benefits of increased strength, better posture and a stronger core. Pilates offers something for everyone from beginner to advanced.