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­CBPilates General Information and Terms & Conditions for Course Classes


Course Classes and Booking: We currently teach 7 (1- hour) classes per week from Monday – Saturday. In-Person and Online group class options are available. Classes are booked on a course basis only, (normally 4 weeks) between September and mid-July. Single classes may only be booked as Taster Classes or Extra Classes (see below). For full class details, please see the Timetable.


Zoom Classes: Our Zoom classes allow the teacher to give verbal feedback, suggestions, and modifications where appropriate, to the students. Therefore, live Zoom classes are not recorded out of respect to our students’ privacy. Participation in Zoom classes is strictly limited to those who have enrolled on the Zoom course classes. These classes are private meetings for you and your fellow students. For the privacy of your fellow students, and yourself, you must ensure that these meetings are never observed/listened into by anyone else.


Extra classes For Course Students: Students enrolled on a current course may attend additional classes held on another day/time on a ‘pay as you go’ basis (Check availability before attending the class).


Taster classes: New students may attend a Taster Class for the single class fee. Students wishing to enrol must then pay for the remainder of the course. All future courses attended must then be paid for in full.


Complimentary Video available to course students: Enrolled course students have access to a complimentary video. This can be used should you miss a class or if you would like to do some extra practice at home. A new video will be available for each new course. This is for the use of our students only and may not under any circumstances be shared with anyone who is not enrolled on course classes with CBPilates. If you use the video, you are responsible for your own body. CBPilates can accept no liability for any injury occurring during an unsupervised video exercise session.


Renewal Course Fees: Course fees for re-enrolling students are due 1 week before the start of the new course. Current students will be given Course Renewal Information via Email and will have priority for booking spaces on the next course. If payment is not received by the renewal date, we reserve the right to offer the place to someone on the waiting list.


Full course payments only.  No partial course payments, regardless of personal circumstances.

No refunds or credits: We do not offer refunds, credits, class swaps, transfers or any other form of ‘compensation’ in the event the student misses a class, regardless of personal circumstances.  Missed classes are entirely the student’s responsibility, and CB Pilates is not responsible for any circumstances leading to a student missing a class. Any request for a refund, credit, etc. whether directly, indirectly, will be refused.

Classes are non-transferrable to family, friends, or other acquaintances.

Please ensure that you are comfortable with this and agree to CBPilates terms and conditions before you book a course.


CBPilates Covid-19/Force Majeure Policy. If for any reason relating to Covid 19, or for any other circumstances beyond our control, we cannot run a scheduled class/course, we will move the class/course online. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, regional/local/national lockdown, closure of a venue, or extensive student or public concern about Covid 19 making venue-based classes difficult to run. This also applies to acts of God such as snow/floods/storms etc. Regrettably, CBPilates are unable to offer refunds or course credits in any such circumstances. In the extremely unlikely event that we cannot offer an online class, and we must cancel the class, we will offer a refund or credit. If you test positive for Covid 19, we are unable to offer a refund or credit.


If you are feeling unwell in any way or have flu/Covid like/severe cold symptoms, please do not attend the class. We reserve the right to ask any student who seems to be unwell to leave the class.


New & Returning Students – PAR-Q Forms

  • New and returning students must complete a New Student Form (PAR-Q) before starting Pilates.

  • must inform the teacher of anything experienced during class or between classes that may be exercise related. You must also inform the teacher of any change to your medical condition, as agreed on the PAR-Q form.

  • You are wholly responsible for providing accurate information and updates about any condition or injury which may affect your ability to exercise, including ongoing health conditions. Further information and questions are on the PAR-Q form.


Christmas/Easter & Half Terms: Classes are not usually held during Christmas/Easter. We do however, normally run during half-terms. We normally follow Essex/Redbridge School Holiday periods as closely as possible. No classes on Bank Holidays.


Summer classes may be offered separately from mid-July to mid-August. These may be booked ad hoc.


Mats and equipment You MUST bring all your own exercise equipment, including Mats, Head support or Cushion/Towel, Magic Circle, Resistance band, Overball. (We usually use Sissel or Pilates Mad). The teacher will not pass anything on to you. There will be no equipment available to borrow. Please do not share equipment with other students. NOTE: For safety reasons, we cannot admit you to class without a proper exercise mat. Towels/blankets cannot substitute for a mat outside your own home. Make sure your mat is non-slip.


Wear comfortable, but not baggy clothing to class. Fitted clothing will allow the teacher to better assist with alignment and technique. Please keep hair away from your eyes. Loose fitting shorts are not recommended for Pilates due to the nature of the exercises.


Mobile phones should be switched off or turned to silent. If you have an emergency call, please leave the exercise space, and kindly keep the volume of your conversation down.


  • We reserve the right to make changes or amendments to our Terms and Conditions and/or Fees at any time.

  • Our decision is final regarding any other matter that may arise.


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